Build a Mobile Native App from Angular Projects with “CAPACITOR”

Native Mobile App from Angular The popularity of Capacitor is constantly rising and given the fact that you can turn basically any web project into a native mobile app with Capacitor is the simple reason for Capacitors fame. So how can we transform a web project that’s using Angular into a native mobile app? Looking for a way …

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Why Kubernetes?

1 What is a Container? Why Kubernetes? Orchestration What is Kubernetes? Kubernetes Architecture Control Plane : This is the brain of the Kubernetes cluster and manages the overall state of the system. It includes – Worker Nodes : These are the machines that run the application containers. Each worker node includes the following components: Other …

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Asp.Net Core Extended

1 Filters in ASP.NET Core Filters in ASP.NET Core allow code to run before or after specific stages in the request processing pipeline. Built-in filters handle tasks such as: Custom filters can be created to handle cross-cutting concerns. Examples of cross-cutting concerns include error handling, caching, configuration, authorization, and logging. Filters avoid duplicating code. For example, …

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Asp.Net Core Dependency Injection

ASP.NET Core – Dependency Injection ASP.NET Core is designed from scratch to support Dependency Injection. ASP.NET Core injects objects of dependency classes through constructor or method by using built-in IoC container. Built-in IoC Container ASP.NET Core framework contains simple out-of-the-box IoC container which does not have as many features as other third party IoC containers. If you …

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